Isaac Friedman-Heiman —Kreten Candelabra ∕ BFA Product Design ’15
— in collaboration with Shaun Kasperbauer, BFA Product Design '12 and Luft Tanaka, BFA Product Design '13
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Bold and distinctive, the Kreten Candelabra captures the liquidity of concrete in its fluid form. Whether used as a source of illumination or stand alone statement piece, the Kreten Candelabra has a modern sculptural presence that is one of a kind.

Isaac Friedman-Heiman is the creative director of and one of the co-founders of Souda, a Brooklyn based manufacturer of modern furniture, lighting, and accessories.

Mina Yurtbilir—Liquid Rituals Isaac Friedman-Heiman—Kreten Side Table Sarah Cihat—Color Collection, Line Collection, Shale Vase