The hunk’s body is thus set in a dialogical relationship with capitalism; ethnographic findings are contextualized within a framework of economic, social and historical theory that entangle consumption and desire with issues such as aesthetic production, the politics of looking, shame, permissibility, and the evolving role of fantasy within the ideology of consumerism.

Excerpt from:
Consuming Desire: Deconstructing the Strip-show Hunk

Kira Craft, MA Fashion Studies ’16

Kira Craft —Excerpt from Consuming Desire: Deconstructing the Strip-show Hunk ∕ MA Fashion Studies ’16
Eliza C. Dillard—Excerpt from The reality of Aging: Discipline and Aging Anxiety in The Real Housewives of Orange County Maureen Brewster—Excerpt from: Bump Watch: Fashioning Celebrity Pregnancy as Performance and Product Derek Cooper—Excerpt from Queering the Closet, Queering Fashion Theory: A Reimagination of Queer Dress Practice as Ethos