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My interest in typography began to develop over 50 years ago when I was studying typography, handlettering, and calligraphy at Parsons School of Design.

The artistic process I call Re-Mixing is the combination of photography and collage which breaks down examples of mundane communication – usually printed or handwritten or hand-drawn street signs - into visual elements that are transformed into visual abstractions or Re-Mixes. The term remixing (no caps, no hyphen) more commonly describes a musical process that breaks down a piece into elements and re-records them in a different way.

A Re-Mix (my term) is actually a digital collage. It is based on the same idea as a musical remix but uses visual digital techniques. Despite its modern origins, its is related to the beginning of art itself when primitive man used a few strokes - on a cave wall, perhaps –to communicate information with symbols. Re-Mixing is my form of creating a collage that depends on digital technology. A photograph taken with an iPhone is broken down into components and then reassembled – by me – working on the same device or on my Mac. Then a larger size print is made of the finished collage.

Photo Collage: Archival
- 48 Inch Square - 4 Units @ 24 inches x 24 inches
- Giclée Print on Lyve Breathing Color Canvas
- Canon iPF8400’s Canon Ink Set | LUCIA EX

As a professional graphic designer, Art Director and Creative Director, my interest in typography continued to grow with the introduction of the computer into the design field and when I began to teach Typography at Parsons School of Design. I also became fascinated by the letterforms of other languages and started a collection of alphabets that continues to grow. At the same time an exhibit of ancient Middle Eastern manuscripts at the MET and travels to China and India showed me that calligraphy, that was otherwise unintelligible to me, could be appreciated as an abstract art form.

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