Don Brodie Jr. —The Conductor ∕ ’’
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I took the following photograph in 2014, while on assignment in Nairobi, Kenya. The project is a tangent from my larger scale series focused on my own Jamaican background, however I could not find many differences when comparing the East African City on this first impression. I spent many hours exploring the city with my own intentions that related back to my larger focus. This photograph illustrates the hustle often involved in 3rd world countries.

The camera was slightly hidden and as the buses passed the camera shutter was released. The subject stared direct and held an honest connection before they realized they were being photographed.

One of a 2 part display, "The Passenger" and "The Conductor" (two photographs from this essay) were presented in the Gasoline group exhibition “number three” in large format (44.5 x 30 inches) in spring 2015.

I am first generation American by way of Jamaican parents from outside of Washington, DC. I moved to NYC in 2007 and have been here since - currently living and working in Brooklyn, NY.

While working in commercial industries has made me a fan of fabrication, I also enjoy looking back on my family's background and finding similarities in other cultures. Documentary is just as big if not more of my focus than all other forms of photography. I take in a lot of personal experiences. From my studies, the pictures are a reminder to what I keep for myself.

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