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A young artist presents a character design to a room of male executives. They aren't interested in his pitch so the young artist has to change his presentation quickly.

One of my goals with this video was to make it so that each time you watched it you saw something new.

The premise of "Because Boobs" was inspired by the lack of views my music video received. I spent months crafting a video (starring a female character) that got very little attention online. I had a passing thought "if I gave her less clothes I'm sure it would have gotten more views". That thought is what inspired "Because Boobs".

The artist presenting is the main character from that music video.

Adam Abel—SkateQilya Kiersten Nash—Livestream: Tuning Into the Bluegrass from the Ground, Up Valeria Pivovarova—Lead UX Design for The Museum of Feelings, 2015