Chandra Platt —1.01 Necklace ∕ ’’
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The stainless steel components are joined with silver-brazing, and features allowing components to move independently in relation to each other. Each joint is silver soldered using a fish-mouth coping technique. Due to the fabrication no two pieces are identical.

The sculptural jewelry of Platt + Matter utilizes stainless steel and, occasionally, uncut metamorphic stones to elegantly exhibit the beauty of the things we frequently encounter.

Humans seem to be wired to be attracted to bright, shiny objects because of their rarity in prehistoric nature, and thus we've created a modern world flooded with garish materials. Our strong focus on craft and form using performance-oriented, non-precious metals is meant to question that which we consider valuable. It is when thinking about the essence and the real make up of every element, that we should consider the arbitrary values we assign to materials that do not directly affect our survival.

Each piece comes with a unique genealogy, which we record and share, broadcasting photos and videos of where the materials came from and the process of its creation.

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