Siramol On-Sri —Y3 BBALL CAGE ∕ ’’
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The Y3 BBALL CAGE is a project in collaboration with Adidas basketball team, which featured on the runway for Y3 FW16 in Paris earlier this year.

The shoe was designed during Siramol's traineeship at Adidas where she blends Adidas basketball bottom unit of the crazy explosive, designed by Jesse Rademacher, and gives a new twist to the upper, bridging together sports and fashion. This project is developed to production by Michelle Rainey.

The design of the upper is inspired by a geographic map of Raleigh town in North Carolina, where our previous basketball ambassador was from. The design process for this shoe represents Siramol's unique skills of hand building the shoes while designing; reviving back the traditional shoe making.

Development: Michelle Rainey and Tooling design : Jesse Rademacher

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