Romy Raad —Metabrew ∕ ’’
— in collaboration with Natalie Neumann, MS Strategic Design and Management '15
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Metabrew, as a company, aims to empower people to live happier, healthier lives by making real nutrition accessible and tasty. Right now, we've only got one product on offer, the original Metabrew, a blend of coffee, raw cashew butter, MCT oil, raw cacao, and micrograms of stevia -- essentially the drink promises long-lasting energy with low caffeine, without the inevitable crash or distracting jitters of your usual caffeinated beverages. At the moment we're in over twenty-five stores in Brooklyn and Manhattan, and the list is growing every week.

As a company founded by designers, the principles of effective design have been part and parcel with the way we've gone about our business. We couple our mission with constant iteration and experimentation, and the result is a business whose product, operations, and organization is constantly changing and constantly improving. This is no more evident than in the product design itself, which has come in the form of everything from spice bottles, to pudding cups, to stubbies, and finally in the sleek black bottle it comes in today.

Robyn Asquini—Art Tap