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Jhoule is an ornamental wearable device that harnesses human movement, to generate and store electricity to power lights in rural india. I started working on Jhoule as part of my Product Design Senior Capstone project while at Parsons. I am now working on Jhoule as part of my design studio, Ware Innovations, in Mumbai. Using funding from the James Dyson Foundation and the Michael Kalil Endowment fund I am working on improving Jhoule's charging efficiency, and on making it compact and easy to manufacture and scale. A cylinder of diameter 4 in , and height 1.5 in. (currently working on reducing these overall dimensions)

My design process always starts with an in depth understanding of a problem, and the people involved with the issue, followed by quick prototyping of possible solutions that I can take to the user for their feedback. This helps me identify what works and what doesn't work and how I can possibly make improvements. The constant back and forth with the users, to understand their lifestyle, habits and needs, helps me design products that easily fits into their daily life.

I learnt the value of this process as a Parsons student, and I continue to follow it in my professional work even today.

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