Katherine Mavridis —Rupture and Reduction ∕ ’’
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Two words drove the development of the collection: Rupture and Reduction.

RUPTURE: A moment of release; broken. A moment of change; shift. A cut, a slit, a rip. These ‘shifts’ or ‘rips’ symbolize a lived garment - the human touch - of life existing within the garment.

REDUCTION: The elimination of information; breaking down of a complex form into a singular self. I examined clothing in its most reduced form- tubes. All clothes are – in the most simplified form – tubes connected to other tubes; a sleeve, a pant leg, the body of a sweater – and holes from which our extremities extend – a neck hole, a cuff, plus moments of connection – fashioning. I examined clothing as abstract ‘tubes’ – taking away a preconceived idea of where these tubes must exist – and allowed them to become what they wanted to be.

I am most inspired when I think about objects, spaces and the way in which people interact with these. I explore this through my materials, by creating interesting sculptural objects and then exploring the way in which the body could relate to them. I experiment with sculptural forms to find new unexpected shapes. I then tend to collage and think about applications on how these forms could interact with the body.

The silhouettes I create are directly derived from the process in which my pieces are constructed.For example, my coiled pieces are mostly produced through accidental findings and exponential three dimensional cyclical shape change. As a particular part of the garment is being coiled, the process naturally increases or decreases (which can be controlled after experience with the technique) and as the piece morphs into its new shape - the silhouette is naturally produced.

Xiang Gao—Sketch Natalia Pilipenka—Erased Pauline Choi—Pauline Choi MFA Thesis