Kay Unger —America The Beautiful? ∕ ’’
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I started this project in September 12, 2001 upon my frightening return to New York City at 5:00am from Washington D.C., where I was just few minutes away from the Pentagon when it was hit. Upon my return back to New York, I kissed the ground in front of me at my then apartment on 79th Street. A few days later on a nearby corner, a vendor was hustling these patriotic t-shirts on the streets of Manhattan. So American. My process was to attack this available symbol of our country with toothpicks; each tooth pick representing a separate attack on the country that I so love. I sewed to fabric that would otherwise have gone into the trash, pinned it to my wall with the hope to never add to it again. Regrettably, I have since added to this piece…periodically adding more tooth picks as we attack each other and wrapping some of these sticks to indicate how we as a country heal collectively. This piece is a reminder to always take action and to proactively make a difference. I hope someday to destroy it as it serves as a poignant visual reminder of our country’s darkest hours.

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