George Bates —Omnes Aurora, Omnes Mundi, Omnia Movens Public art piece installed Aurora, CO, Sept. 2016 ∕ ’’
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I was chosen by a search committee to create, manage and oversee the fabrication and installation of art glass panels for twenty four (24) windscreens for the RTD I-225 FasTracks rail line opening in Dec. 2016. This community in Denver is one of only two majority-minority cities in Colorado. The art needed to reflect the richly diverse ethnic communities and environmental diversity found in the area through the given theme of Light, Color and Motion.

During public art proposal presentations I explain to committees that I don't make anything but rather, I reveal something. What that reveal ultimately is is contingent upon and relates entirely to the site specific nature of each project. Each site has its own challenges and problems that need to be addressed to get at what the right reveal is accordingly. Often a single sentence or word expressed during conversations with those I've met and engaged with who are closest to the area and the communities within each site can set the entire course for the project in motion.

Ricky Mujica—Grandma's Hands David Olenick—Abandoned Chip Dominick Santise—Transformation