Nancy Schwartz-Katz —Homeland/Promise Land ∕ ’’
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This piece is based on Ruth Calderon's 2013 Knesset speech where she urges bringing together religious and secular communities. Homeland/Promise Land stems from our roots, delineating where we came from, linking past generations to future generations by the layering of ones history, ones heritage. In Calderon's speech, she tells of Rabbi Rachmanie, whose name means womb, stemming from Rachamim, meaning empathy. The root of these words spells ramah which corresponds with number 248-the number of organs in the body. Each part of the composition contains symbolism; for example, the umbilical cord represents the braid twist of challah, indicating nourishment.

I use a variety of media to tell the stories of individuals, organizations, and history, all while aiming to explore different aspects of humanity. Through my use of color, paper choice, and varied details, I create unique symbolism aimed at enhancing a particular story. By varying these details to emphasize main concepts, while keeping the more subtle aspects of the narratives in the background, I am able to fashion a cohesive, compelling work of art. I challenge myself to see how delicately I can incise the design while still maintaining a continuous work of art.

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