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These images are lookbook outtakes from the presentation of the FW16-17 collection shown in Milan, Italy. the presentation was shown in a classic Italian balera where the models danced with our choreographers, joyfully.

SANSOVINO6 creative director Edward Buchanan is a Milan based American fashion design from Cleveland , Ohio. After being Formally educated in New York City at Parsons School of Design, in 1995 Edward was hired as the design director of Italian luxury goods company Bottega Veneta. The collection was an instantaneous success and enabled Bottega Veneta to launch a wholesale apparel business after the first fashion show. Bottega Veneta became a huge triumph within the international luxury goods RTW market. After a much publicized success, Edward went on to start his own collection of creative luxury called LEFLESH with Manuela Morin.

As a highly regarded design authority, in 2005 Edward's creativity, passion, and professionalism brought him to start an intensive session of design consultancies for international brands and celebrities. Working between NYC and Milan he offered creative consultancies to Jennifer Lopez and SeanCombs in NYC, as well as, Stefanel and Max Mara in Milan, to name a few. Edward has especially been honing his creative skills for knitwear which he loves and has been continuously renewing and developing. This became most apparent in the creation of SANSOVINO6 his knitwear project of transversal separates which was started based on creating great clothes for his friends. SANSOVINO6 is currently available in specialty boutiques and stores worldwide.

Jonathan Cohen—"Explosive Floral" Printed Silk Georgette Blouse and "Slash" Skirt, Fall 16 Roanne Adams—Kaelen Nate Ziller—Elephant Butt