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The main character (American in her 30's) in this novel finds herself living a cold life in with a husband and three kids in Switzerland. It does not go well.

I sketched this fire interacting with the type and it felt just right.

Pale Horse Rider

This book looks at America's acceptance and need for conspiracy through the rise and power of William Cooper, the father of modern conspiracy theories.

To read about Cooper's life and preaching, is to experience the underlying claims of the X files. It's crazy, but a wacky believable and then again totally out there kind of craziness. So, even though it's not normally advisable, I tried to jam it all in there on the cover.

We're Still Right

The book details the clear and substantial evidence of the Republican's failure as a party when in power as compared over the decades to the success of Democratic eras of control.

The theme of Republican broken policy and miscommunication having led to the nomination of Donald Trump crystallized quickly into the metaphorically art graphic of Trump as elephant excrement.

Is Fat Bob Dead Yet?

Tradiculous is probably the best way to describe this funny Pynchonesque novel.

There's a con-artist team that scams people with unreal charities, like Beagles addicted to smoking. Finding this beagle photo with such attitude made the idea really work.

Cover images: (dog) Photodisk/Getty Images; (cigarette) Daniel Hurst Photgraphy/Getty Images

The Babylon Line

This Greenberg play focuses on the relationship of an adult education in 1960's Levittown writing instructor and a woman in the class.

The instructor (a failed writer of sorts) commutes to Long Island from Manhattan and can't deal with the true writer and the potential life choice he finds there. The circles allow for an abstraction of the people but also a suggestion of relationship between the figures in space.

Cover photo of man and woman used in the collage by H. Armstrong Roberts.

Love, Sex, and Other Foreign Policy Goals

This is a hilarious/slightly serious novel about a British peace troupe going into the 1990's Bosnian warzone.

There was a scene about going to the bathroom near a campsite (carrying a roll of toilet paper) and ending up in a minefield that captures the absurdity and feeling of the book.

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