Vaishnavi Mahendran —Enchanted Valley Carnival ∕ ’’
— in collaboration with Zarko Dumicic, AAS Graphic Design '12
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A series of paper installations produced as part of the visual identity rebrand for Universal Music’s music + camping festival ‘Enchanted Valley Carnival’. We aimed at communicating the ‘communal feel’ of India's first camping festival by drawing inspiration for its visual language from ancient tribe culture, the mysterious aura of campfire folklore and alchemical symbols. The identity treatment was put into a contemporary context through modern surrealistic imagery and iconography to create a synergy between the mystical and contemporary. The three-dimensional installations were created and documented for the festival’s digital and print communication.

Rodrigo Saiani—Type Design, Primot Sandra Garcia—Travel+Leisure Feature Openers and Covers Rodrigo Saiani—Identity for Andaluz