Rodrigo Saiani —Identity for Andaluz ∕ ’’
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Andaluz is an Audio/Video production company established in 2013 by a multi-cultural trio of filmmakers. They create, direct and produce their projects with technical and creative rigor.

The brand name and identity come from the short surrealist movie "Un Perro Andaluz"; (An Andalusian Dog) by Luis Buñuel, hence a typographic, scratchboard, rocking chair horse A for the logotype.

Non-linearity, noise, a shot of yellow, monochrome images, Futura, and your own interpretation of things complete the picture.

Creative Directors: Rodrigo Saiani, Gustavo Saiani Designers: Eduardo Mattos, Rodrigo Saiani, Luisa Borja Illustrator: Kakofonia Coders: Gustavo Saiani (Poema), Caio Vaccaro, Luisa Borja

Carmen McLeod—Youth Programming Brochure Rodrigo Saiani—Type Family, Tenez Rodrigo Saiani—Identity/Packaging for Moccato