Orcun Gogus —TiZKKA Mobile App ∕ ’’
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TiZKKA is a tech startup from Mexico and their mobile app which has a rapidly growing popularity in a number of Latin American countries including Chile, Brazil and Mexico, is a reminiscent of Instagram but with a focus on personal fashion. My role was to completely redesign all the user interfaces making it visually clear and intriguing while simplifying the UX.

I met the two founders of TiZKKA at a networking event while I was living in Mexico City earlier this year. They had a quite successful start with their app but urgently needed a redesign to push their product to the next level attracting more users and investment. We agreed to move forward using an agile ideation/design/development process as they already had a hardworking development team that were making updates to the app almost every day.

We had several meetings identifying key goals for the next version of the app by making design sketches and creating several user scenarios. After that initial phase I started designing the new UI screens as we continued brainstorming together in our bi-weekly design review meetings where we pinpointed important details to be passed on to the development team. Overall the frequent communication we had between product owners, development and design teams made possible by our agile process resulted in a quite successful redesign of TiZKKA.

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