Valeria Pivovarova —Lead UX Design for The Museum of Feelings, 2015 ∕ ’’
— in collaboration with Project was made by SC Johnson/Glade, Ogilvy & Mather Chicago, Radical Media
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Museum of feelings is a scent-driven exhibit where visitors explored five responsive rooms. A series of interactive photo kiosks enabled visitors to create their own ‘Mood-Lens’ portrait and get it printed on specially scented paper. A digital extension of the exhibit experience like website and web app allowed a wider audience to create their own Mood-Lens portrait and share it to an online gallery.

As a UX designer and architect I believe in the human centric design and solving problems for particular user and situation. The museum of feelings was an immersive journey that left people inspired and the whole UX design process was tailored towards it. From the very beginning the goal was to have a simple and engaging interactive for people of all ages that's accessible from anywhere. Together with a team we've developed a web, a mobile and an interactive photo kiosk that enabled visitors to create their own ‘Mood-Lens’ portrait and get it printed or submitted as a living Twitter profile photo.

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