Star Davis —Lighting Designs for the Lowline Lab ∕ ’’
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Beneath the Williamsburg Bridge sits the Delancey trolley terminal, out of service for more than 60 years. A revolutionary project, called the Lowline, is transforming this under-utilized space into the world's first underground park. The project has engaged the local community, and generated conversation and awareness over the importance of green spaces for healthy living, while also showcasing technical ingenuity and creativity.

The Lowline Lab opened to the public this spring to serve as a testing ground and promote the concept while the full project continues to develop. The lab is designed to support a thriving and evolving ecosystem with adaptive (some even edible) plants, fed by active solar harvesting technology that "pipes" light in from large rooftop collectors.

Star Davis is a Lighting Consultant for the NY Lighting Design Group with experience focusing on capturing and presenting daylight and natural phenomena to the individual while minimizing lighting energy dependency. Her specialty is designing and analyzing novel electric and day-lighting strategies, based on a strong technical and analytical understanding of visual perception, optics, light, material, and atmospheric phenomena.

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