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The project of "Writing on the Body" has been launched since February 2016 in New York. After talking to the participants, the artist wrote on the parts of bodies they were willing to "share". Through the collaborations of participants, the artist reinterpreted their memories and stories into another visual language. The body works are like private diaries co-created by the artist and the participants. Videos recorded during the process are collected as "Serendipity", which also means luck of finding valuable or pleasant things by accident. During the project, the artist often discovered interesting experiences and wisdom of life that were not expected. It was like a page of unexpected adventure written down in a journey. The documentary presents the creation process of the project.

Rules of "Writing on the Body"
1. Participants can share yourself, your stories, or anything you want to share with the artist.
2. Decide which part of the body you want to share with the artist.
3. The artist will write on the body part with the consent of the participant.
4. Take a photo.

Edward Buchanan—SANSOVINO6 FW16.17 Anneli Goeller—S3lf13_st*r Robert Yang—Radiator 2