Fiona Struengmann —Needleview ∕ ’’
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Instead of a camera lens, I created my own aperture, which only lets light into the camera with a tiny (needle-size) pinhole - a variation of Camera Obscura.

Through the regular depth of field, the perception of near and far becomes a blurry impression, which lets you see differently and allows an internal contemplation. A moment turning into eternity, a focus on the wordless dialogue between the picture itself and the spectator. "Needleview"is a series that documents my natural surrounding; a dive into a personal state of being, described in shapes, forms, light and shadow.

I am imagining translating little tactics of landscape - people - culture and our relationship to the natural world - recorded in little climbs of photographs and drawings.

It always starts with a vibe towards one direction - then the research starts and you start diving more into it. You try to find a way - translating your feelings and imaginations that you carry in your head onto paper. It is not only an image that you try to create but a new sight of looking at something and transmitting a feeling.

Don Brodie Jr.—The Conductor Sarah Sudhoff—Surrender Amy Giese—011716.2023.ST.02134.ILMGFBWT