Christopher Patten —Pass It On ∕ ’’
— in collaboration with Amy Findeiss, MFA Transdisciplinary Design '12
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In rapidly changing neighborhoods, like South Williamsburg, low-income families struggle to stay in their affordable homes. When a leaseholder passes away or moves out, remaining family members are left vulnerable to harassment and eviction. Succession rights allow families in rent-stabilized, rent-controlled, and Mitchell-Lama apartments to pass on their homes by proving their family relationship and that the apartment is their home. Pass It On! is a colorful guide to the succession process in both English and Spanish.

Amy Findeiss is a designer, illustrator, educator and activist using the power of design to increase meaningful civic engagement with urban issues, including food justice and food equity. She brings her collaborative approach with advocates, organizations, students and communities adapting ethnographic tools and design methodologies to uncover sparks of inspiration through learning how people see and sense design.

Christopher Patten is an artist and designer who helps make complex issues, ranging from policy to public space, more tangible. Through his expertise in narrative, project management, and presentation, he bridges gaps and builds empathy among stakeholders.

Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) and Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation A (“Brooklyn A”)

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