Keiff Jones —"That's the Wrong Guy" from NY Daily Noose ∕ ’’
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"That's the Wrong Guy," featured in the sketchbook NY Daily Noose, tells the stories of black boys who were falsely accused of a crime or wrong deed. These stories are inspired by the history of unjust killings of black men in America, my experiences growing up in Mississippi and Georgia, and a Google search result for an African American man wrongly accused and killed. As the page literally unfolds, the consequences of the accusations grow more severe showing a young boy who is disowned by his mother and eventually revealing the historic death of Emmett Till.

My working process begins with multimedia sketching that includes drawing, writing, audio recording, and photography and video performance. The final compositions are a result of much erasure and editing. I see it as a conversation with the page; I let the surface dictate what characters and ideas make the cut and which ones are retired to Eraser Heaven. No content is sacred to its original medium or surface and is often repurposed in other projects.

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