Featured Video Play Icon Kiersten Nash —Livestream: Tuning Into the Bluegrass from the Ground, Up ∕ ’’
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More than 2,000,000 Kentuckians depend on groundwater every day. Yet, little is known about the water that runs beneath the Bluegrass: Which aquifers are most susceptible to contamination? Why? How does this affect us? And, conversely, how does our everyday actions impact the quality of our groundwater? Together, we can answer these questions.

By harnessing the power of art, science and technology, Livestream collects and translates groundwater data from across the state into interactive soundscapes that manifest as public art installations and educational outreach programs. In addition to challenging people's perceptions of water, this provocative platform actively engages individuals, organizations and institutions across Kentucky in the cultivation of our water ways.

Public Works for, with, and in a diversity of demographics and across disciplines to catalyze creative civic engagement. We work with the assumption that every environment is a classroom and every classroom is a conversation that informs the way we perceive the world and consequently, ourselves. By harnessing design as a means to ask questions, we investigate, [dis]assemble and [re]frame everyday environments as adaptive interfaces. In this context, doubt becomes the primary vector for critical thinking that interrogates the authority and aesthetics of what we've come to know as common sense. Each design is therefore an opportunity to exchange knowledge, advance critical discourse and [re]negotiate the boundaries of Possibility. In other words, to [un]learn.

Ming Tu—The Clock Interactive 3-D Data Visualization designed for the Lightbox Gallery at the Harvard Art Museums Roanne Adams—Kaelen Alison Lewis—Presence of Heart (The Heartbeat Dress) Fiber-optic fabric with hand dyed silk detachable over layer and 28 LEDs synced a heart rate sensor